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Perfect-fit talent for critical leadership roles

Search for healthcare & human resources executives
Coaching & assessment for senior leaders

Move fast - interview candidates within 30 days
Drive success with validated assessment & coaching
Build a world-class team that delivers results

The wrong hire is expensive

Bringing a new executive into your organization is a bit like organ transplant surgery — high stakes and risky. Lengthy searches increase compliance risks and potential operational failures. They delay revenue growth.

A poor-fit candidate typically costs up to 18 months of lost progress. Exiting failing leaders is difficult, then you need to begin the hiring process again.

Stalled progress on major priorities
Distraction from your focus
Lost confidence in leadership

Better executive search delivers business results

A world-class leadership team ensures your organization can move forward on its most important goals. Don’t wait.

| Culturally aligned leadership

Leadership steers your business. Our process offers pre-hire assessments and post-hire coaching. That ensures the new leader makes a positive impact quickly.

| Strong organizational performance

Vacant roles distract and delay. We provide candidates to interview within 30 days. A complete team minimizes compliance risks and drives operational excellence. And it keeps revenue growing.

| Strategic focus

The right talent on the team enables your organization to meet its goals. We create an ideal candidate profile and then find candidates who match the profile. That ensures your company can serve customers, engage employees and deliver results for stakeholders.

Experience + results

Each of our partners has 20-plus years of experience as hiring managers and leaders. They know what it’s like to need someone in that role ASAP — and how to make that happen. Learn more about our team.
Steve Klopfer

Steven Klopfer

Founder & Managing Partner
Kent Price

Kent Price

Partner, Coaching & HR Practice Lead

How we find the ideal candidate
for your company


Develop an ideal
candidate profile

We develop an ideal candidate profile for your open role, based on experience level, leadership style and personality fit.

Interview and select the
best candidate

Within 30 days, we provide you at least three qualified candidates to interview.


Ensure your new
hire’s success

We support and protect your investment through pre-hire assessment and post-hire coaching.


How Kamyn Search delivers value

Hiring talent shouldn’t be so difficult. Learn how Kamyn provides better search results. 

When a critical role is vacant on your team, distractions and operational risks increase. Your ability to make progress on strategic priorities decreases. The result can be stress, uncertainty and a loss of confidence.

We understand. At Kamyn Search, our partners have more than 75  years of experience in executive leadership, hiring and HR. We’ve designed Kamyn to avoid many of the problems of traditional search firms.

Every search is partner-led, with a max 4:1 position/recruiter ratio. Kamyn Search is focused on serving the industries we know best. That includes filling C-suite positions in healthcare services and healthcare technology firms and HR leadership positions across industries. Because we have virtually no restrictions on who we can recruit, you have access to a bigger talent pools.

We deliver ideal candidates, quickly. We first develop a detailed profile of your ideal hire, based on experience level, leadership style and personality fit. We provide at least three candidates for you to interview, typically within 30 days. And we support and protect your organization through pre-hire assessments and post-hire coaching to maximize the new hire’s success.

We also support clients with tailored executive coaching to support and improve individual and team performance. The result is our clients build world-class teams who deliver business results. Those teams have a positive impact on employees and customers, while also delivering outstanding results to investors.

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