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Recruiting, Assessment & Coaching
for Executive Talent

Executive Search

Kamyn Search recruits ideal candidates quickly to fill critical leadership positions in healthcare companies and HR roles across all industries. As a small, highly focused search firm, Kamyn has virtually no restrictions on who we can recruit.

Our unique process is designed to quickly fill leadership positions with the best-fit candidates and then ensure they’re successful.

We provide clients at least three well-qualified candidates within 30 days of starting the search process. Pre-hire assessments help gauge prospects’ fit for the role and the company’s culture, ensuring a good fit and speeding up time-to-hire. 

Kamyn is also committed to presenting a diverse slate of candidates during searches, and we have a strong record of successfully placing diverse candidates in senior leadership positions.

Our rigorous process has resulted in over 80% referral and repeat business.


Understanding someone’s strengths and weaknesses is vital when selecting the best candidate. It’s also vital for that candidate’s ability to succeed.

That’s why assessment is a key component of our services. Pre-hire assessments help ensure candidates are a good fit for specific roles and an organization’s values and culture. Assessment is also a critical part of effective coaching.

Kamyn Search uses validated assessment instruments such as the Hogan Development Survey, Hogan Personality Inventory and Motives Values Preferences Inventory. 360 assessments are another tool we use to gather insights that help individuals perform better as part of a team.

Assessments deepen the self-awareness of candidates and executives we coach. That awareness, along with the questions, feedback and guidance from an experienced, certified executive coach, strengthens individual performance and team outcomes.


Great players and great teams perform better when they’re supported by coaching. Kamyn offers post-hire coaching for leaders and HR executives that we recruit.

The firm also provides executive coaching for individuals and teams that need additional support and objective feedback to reach their full potential.

Coaching services are provided by highly experienced, certified coaches with extensive experience in the same types of demanding professional environments that our coaching clients face.

Our coaching engagements begin with assessments to foster self-awareness. During the coaching process, we regularly touch in with the coachee’s manager to ensure alignment.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, we also work with newly formed senior executive teams to facilitate integration, collaboration and effective working relationships.