Coach’s Corner: How coaching drives business results

We’ve come a long way from the days when executive coaching was reserved for problem employees who were probably going to be fired anyway.

Now, boards and CEOs recognize that executive coaching improves individual performance, boosts productivity and retention, and drives bottom-line results for the organization. A Metrix Global study, for example, found that executive coaching has an ROI of 788%.

Coaching can only be effective when the right coach with the right expertise is matched with your organization’s specific needs. When assessing potential coaches, here are two factors to look for:

Are they trained in the assessments and survey instruments they use in their work? Many assessment providers require certification for professionals using their tools, but not all. Kamyn Search coaches have access to more than 15 organizational and cultural assessments, over 20 360 survey instruments, and more than 75 self-assessment tools.

Training in specific assessments ensures that coaches are able to select the best tool to use and can glean actionable insights from those assessments and surveys.

Do they have a coaching certification from a respected provider? Coaching is not regulated by the government. Certification from organizations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a globally respected accrediting and credentialing body, ensures the coach you’re investing in knows how to drive meaningful results.

All Kamyn coaches have their ICF accreditation or equivalent from another professional coach accrediting institution.

Kamyn Search and our coaches provide five core offerings: Pre-Hire Assessment, Executive Onboarding Coaching, Executive Team Assimilation Meeting, Executive One-on-One Coaching, and Executive Team Integration and Development.

Want to learn how coaching delivers meaningful results for you, your team and your company? Contact us to have a conversation.

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